• Rob Glasser

Do we love or hate AI?

So as any science fiction movie has shown, AI is coming, or I guess is already here. Self-driving cars, iPhone apps that shop for you, and even ways to leave the house, without leaving the house. Now it's no longer a question of will this happen, because it's here. The question now is, what do we do with it or how do we deal with it? Are the robots taking over? Not at the moment, and movies like "Blade Runner" and "I, Robot" aren't really true to what would happen. Well, maybe kind of true. Yes machines can do a lot on their own, but in truth, I don't foresee my microwave trying to kill me. An article written (see here), talks more about this topic. Let me know if you're prepping for the android apocalypse or if you're ok knowing what we have begun.


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